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The New Webex Room Bar mang đến trải nghiệm họp trực tuyến toàn diện với mọi không gian, từ phòng họp cá nhân, phòng họp vừa - lớn đến cả các không gian rộng lớn hơn nữa.

The New Webex Room Bar mang đến trải nghiệm họp trực tuyến toàn diện với mọi không gian, từ phòng họp cá nhân, phòng họp vừa - lớn đến cả các không gian rộng lớn hơn nữa.

Với các tính năng nổi bật như: 

  • Digital Zoom 5x.
  • Hỗ trợ 2 màn hình cùng lúc.
  • Ống kính góc rộng 12 MP
  • Tracking góc nhìn theo diễn giả.
  • View 120 ° thu hút mọi người, kể cả những người ở phần xa nhất của phòng họp.

The New Webex Room Bar chắc chắn sẽ là sự đầu tư đúng đắn trong hệ thống phòng họp trực tuyến cho doanh nghiệp của bạn.

Default components

  • Video bar unit (First Light or Carbon) with built-in codec, camera, speakers and microphones
  • Power adapter
  • Network cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Mounting unit (supporting screen and wall)
  • Webex Room Navigator control panel
  • Ethernet cable
  • Privacy cover

Camera overview

  • 12MP camera
  • 30 frames per second
  • 1/2.3’’ CMOS
  • 5x digital zoom
  • f/2.5 aperture
  • 120° horizontal field of view
  • 95° vertical field of view
  • Auto framing (face detect)
  • Speaker tracking
  • Auto brightness and white balance
  • Fixed focus lens

Video features

  • Main video resolution up to 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps
  • Two HDMI outputs supporting formats up to 3840 x 2160 at 60 fps
  • Live video resolutions (encode and decode) up to 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps and 60 fps
  • One HDMI input supports up to maximum 3840 x 2160 at 30 fps, including 1920 x 1080 at 60 fps
  • One USB-C input supports up to maximum 3840 x 2160 at 30 fps, including 1920 x 1080 at 60 fps
  • Support for H.263, H.264 video standard
  • Supporting available Webex video stream layouts and meeting features, including people focus, grid, prominent, stack and overlay.
  • Seamless meeting join to Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google meetings via WebRTC

Audio features

  • Stereo loudspeaker system with 2 high-quality full range drivers, supporting directional audio
  • 4-element beamforming microphone array
  • 1 extra microphone input for voice pickup extension
  • Additional microphone array for speaker tracking
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
  • Active Lip Synchronization
  • AI-Powered, Adaptive Noise Removal
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Beamforming Microphones
  • De-Reverberation
  • Full Duplex
  • Full-Band Audio
  • Self-Hear
  • Spatial Audio
  • Ultrasound Technology


  • Wireless content sharing via the Webex app (up to 3840 x 2160 at 3 fps)
  • Wireless content sharing via Cisco Intelligent Proximity client (up to 3840 x 2160 at 7.5 fps)
  • Supports dual screens for video and content
  • Supports dual content sources for local meetings
  • View whiteboard content and annotations shared from a Webex Board Series, Webex Desk Series, or the Webex App; participate in whiteboarding sessions through the Webex App*
  • 4K wireless content sharing (up to 3840 x 2160 at 15 fps)
  • Wired (USB-C and HDMI) passthrough content sharing
  • Wireless content sharing from Apple AirPlay and Miracast*

Room intelligence

  • Control with Webex Room Navigator touch panel (wall-mount or table-stand) for access to conference controls, room booking, room controls and workplace applications.
  • Metrics: Counts people in the room via smart presence detection, enabling analytics for better resource planning
  • Automatic screen/display integration through HDMI CEC
  • Supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Control peripherals such as lights and blinds through the Webex Room Navigator
  • Environmental sensors when connected to the touch device to measure humidity, temperature, noise levels and air quality
  • System “wakes up” when someone walks into the room, and recognizes them through their mobile device
  • Webex Assistant enables conference controls via voice commands and other touchless workflows
  • Customizations via macros for digital signage and other workspace applications
  • Simplified meeting-join experience with One Button to Push (OBTP) or via voice commands using Webex Assistant

Security features

  • Secure management using HTTPS and SSH protocols
  • End-to-end encryption for calls and meetings on Webex
  • Standards-based media encryption on all back-ends (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol [SRTP], using AES-128-GCM or AES-256-GCM)
  • Password protection to access administration available on Room Navigator controller
  • Network settings protection
  • Privacy cover


  • 1x 3.5mm Jack analog audio input
  • 1x HDMI video input
  • 1x USB-C input
  • 2x HDMI video outputs
  • 1 USB-A input
  • 1x Ethernet (RJ-45) 10/100/1000 for LAN
  • 1x Ethernet (PoE) (RJ-45) for Webex Room Navigator direct pairing
  • 1 microUSB port
  • Power adapter port
  • Factory reset pinhole


  • Width: 21 in. (53.4 cm)
  • Height: 3.2 in. (8.2 cm)
  • Depth: 2.5 in. (6.4 cm)
  • Weight: 4 lb. (1.5 kg)

Device management

  • For cloud deployments, the device is managed in the Control Hub, providing a single pane of glass of system status, activation, configuration, metrics, workspace insights, and troubleshooting
  • For on-premises deployments, management via Cisco Unified Communications Manager or Expressway*
  • In case of a hybrid deployment, Webex Edge for Devices allows for linking your on-premises Webex devices to the Webex Cloud and benefits from specific cloud features such as device management, monitoring, and analytics via Control Hub.

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